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Many people struggle to understand what has led to their distress and unhappiness, which in itself can be frightening and overwhelming. Aspire can offer support to identify an appropriately qualified and registered practitioner to support you in accordance with your individual needs.

Psychological therapy is a collaborative process. It starts with a detailed assessment in order to consider the difficulties that you may have experienced and the impact upon your life. Within therapy you will work together to understand your difficulties and find achievable solutions. You will be encouraged to make changes by drawing upon your own skills and strengths, as well as utilising strategies offered to you within this empathic and supportive relationship.

Aspire offers interventions including:

Our practitioners are qualified to work with adults, children and families, individuals with learning disabilities and those with brain injury with a range of difficulties including:

Many practitioners within the Aspire network are registered with private healthcare insurance providers. Some policies may cover the cost of private psychology services. Please contact your insurance provider to check your entitlement.

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